Practice in one town things you can do in your town.

At High School Exchange, out of town high school student leaders have an opportunity to learn with local in town high school student leaders and community members.


It’s an exchange. It’s a conversation. It’s a service-oriented leadership experience that results in both character and community transformation in rural and underserved towns.


The six-day immersion is scheduled carefully to develop your churches student leaders and the student leadership of the community being served.


High school students will learn from and partner with community members to identify service projects, support children’s programs, and create gatherings that bring people together…what we’re trying to say is this…there are some party starters needed to change the towns we live in and we think you’ve got a few sitting in your youth group.



Help high school students grow deeper in their faith as they learn to develop co-impacting relationships and leadership skills.


Imagine the parties that will be started.


Imagine the conversations that will begin.


Imagine the things that students didn’t have to do but they did anyway.


Imagine how many kids will be inspired.
Imagine the beautiful spaces that will be created.


Imagine how someone’s future is set up to win because you gave them something they needed now.


Imagine having the courage to speak up for someone else.


Imagine tables so inviting that new people fill the chairs.


Imagine doing life together…


High School Exchange weeks will take place in Wrightsville, Georgia (Johnson County).


  1. We invite you to the party, to an exchange that will change one town and inspire you to change your own.


$400 per participant


Includes, housing, meals, programs, service opportunities, and maybe even a late night run to Dairy Queen.


Be watching for Summer 2020 Details